Medical Treatment Procedures

Medical treatment procedures

Dental Implants Consultation, Esthetic dentistry, we are also recommended by our metal-free treatment

We are highly recommended by our mental-free treatment, Esthetic dentistry and functionality
Dental Implants Consultation is an insurgency, which may give a heavy burden to patients’ health.
Under considering patients health condition, time and cost the patients prefer. We will propose you the best treatment plan.

Tender to Carrier women, easy to have a speedy dental whitening

We will propose the best treatment plan according to the needs and lifestyles of patients, from easy-to-use spray type to whitening that is highly effective in a short period of time under the advice of our dentists.
We will give you correct knowledge, in order to support you keeping your teeth good condition for a long time, such as how to care your teeth after treatment and how to reduce discoloration as much as possible.

General Dentistry

Not [after been bad] but [prevent your teeth going bad] treatment

Not only in Japan, but also in Europe, which have advanced dentistry technology, the idea of prevention to prevent dental diseases is spreading. In addition to daily brushing, regular checkups also help to make early detection and give early treatment of tooth decay, which reduce to putting an extra burden on teeth.
Moreover, by removing tartar and plaque that cause illness, it prepares the oral environment less likely to get sick.

Periodontal disease

The healthy and long-lasting teeth could be made according to individual protective plan

The risk of periodontal disease varies depending on each person’s dentition, favorite items such as cigarettes, lifestyle and ageing.
According to different oral conditions, we provide total service plan from treatment to maintenance.
We would like to do our best for keeping your teeth long-lasting and healthy. We also hope we can support every patients’ colorful lives.


Help the patient to make a choice for the treatment method and provide perfect treatment

In order to built a trust relationship with patients, not to recommend the implants firstly, but to let the patient to make the choice of treatment plan after giving introduction of bridges and dentures’s merits and demerits objectively.


We propose you the best treatment plan according to your lifestyle

There are several causes of tooth coloring, Such as genetic factors, favorite items (coffee, tea, curry…) and aging, what treatment method to be chosen during whitening is the key of whitening’s success.
Depending on the different coloring causes, choosing different treatment plans, is the very important factor to make whitening success. The treatment plan suits your own lifestyle is also an important factor to make whitening success.

Sports dental

We make a full-order made mouth guard

Dental caries, periodontal disease, and poor occlusion affect the performance of the competition.

Whether you are an athlete who request a higher performance or a well-grown child who is active in sports such as club activities, we can provide mouth guards that are tailored to each individual situation. Please visit our clinic to have a comfortable experience of the “full-order made”

Sleep apnea syndrome

90% effective rate, therapeutic mouthpiece “Sleep Sprint”

For the treatment of sleep apnea syndrome, there is a device called “Sleep Sprint”, used as a dental treatment instrument. It’s a handy device that you just put on your mouth during sleep, but it is effectiveness and its effective rate reaches 90%.
Wearing Sleep Sprint prevents,pulling forward the lower jaw , the base of tongue will sink into the back of throat to expand air passages. Through that, snoring, breath slowing or breath stopping during sleep will be made better.