About Us

The third floor of Roppongi T-CUBE building
Directly connected to the Roppongiicchoume Station
7minites on foot from Roppongi Station or Tameikesannou Station

完全予約制 ゆとりを持った治療と、“ホスピタリティ(おもてなし)”を大切に

Our staffs not only have long experience and excellent treatment results, but also have excellent dental technology.

We hear every patients’ voice and desire patiently. We also inquire the treatment period and general budget you wise. Under dentist’s specialty suggestion, we will propose the best method of treatment for you.
Excepting sharp toothache or in an emergency, our clinic is by appointment only.
We always give you hospitality in order to remove your anxiety and we hope to deepen our mutual understanding of each other and provide a good treatment under your understanding.

Our own dental laboratory is fully equioped

Ordering from dental technical Laboratories outside is a common practice. However we have our own dental laboratory, Which name is ‘roppongi dental laboratory’ and an outstanding dental technician belong to our clinic is working here.
Since we try our best to Satisfy the needs of each patient, a higher accurate esthetic treatment, that realizes more precise and natural feeling of teeth, is possible.
We always try to give every patients professional care, and hope to help you to have a healthy and colorful life.

We cooperate with Ark Hill Clinic, Which belongs to Japan Foundation for Environmental Health Sciences

Ark Hills Clinic provides services such as Internal Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Allergy Treatment, Rheumatology, Outpatient Services, Medical Checkups and so on.
By coordinating with physicians, for periodontal diseases caused by diabetes and hyperglycemia, it is possible to Give the treatment safely and promptly without applying a burden to patients’ body.