Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

We propose you the best treatment plan according to your lifestyle

Coloring due to some causes. Such as genetic factors, daily favorite items (coffee, tea, curry…) and aging. Depending on different causes, choosing different methods of treatment is the key to whitening success. Besides, treatment plan, which is suits your own lifestyle is also the important factor to make whitening a success.
Our clinic will propose the best whitening method depending on the needs and lifestyle of each patient.
We also support you to keep your teeth in a good condition for a long period by giving you correct knowledge, such as how to keep your teeth in good conditions after the treatment and how to reduce the reversion of stain as much as possible.

Home whitening

Putting the medical solution into the mouthpiece by yourself, you are able to use the whitening medicine any time you are convenience during the whole day. Until whitening completed it will take almost 2 weeks.
In order to keep safe, Home whitening’s medicine solution is softer than office whitening. That is why home whitening always take more time than office whitening. However, thanks to that, the teeth whited by home whitening shows difficult to be stained again.

  • Effective and long lasting
  • You can do it at your own convenience
  • Your back teeth can even be whitened
  • Frequent visits (at least 2 times)
  • Have to wear a mouthpiece for 2 hours every day
  • It takes time to turn white due to low density
Whitening’s fee
  • 20,000yen (total 24 teeth, mouthpiece and medicine solution)

Office whitening

The whitening in clinic

Because of using high density of drug solution, the biggest merit is whiting will be completed in a short period.
Those who find home whiting is troublesome, bridal, people who are going to have an interview or going to have a business trip aboard …the office whitening will be recommended for people who want to have whiting immediately. The official whitening’s merit is teeth whiting will be done in a very short period. However the disadvantage is easy to be strained again after a short time.

  • Treatment period is short .
  • Because the surgery is operated by dentists and dental hygienists, it is totally safe.
  • Can meet the deadline you desire
  • Long treatment time (about 2 hours~)
  • The teeth maybe sensitive a few days after surgery
  • The whitening times for a single treatment is limited.
Whitening’s fee
  • 25,000yen (total 24 teeth)

Whitening Q&A

How long does it take

It depends on individual differences and satisfaction.

For office whitening, it takes about 1 hour each time and needs to visit clinic for 4~5 times once a week.
In the case of home whitening, the basic combination is 2 hours a day for 2 weeks.
However, if the discoloration of the teeth is strong, you may expect a higher effect by increasing the wearing time of the mouse tray.
<Tetracycline discolored teeth>
People who have discolored due to tetracycline antibiotics taken during their childhood (From they were born to about 6 years old) may not be effective.Since it is difficult to predict the effect of whitening, please consult with your dentist carefully.

Does it affect the health?

Whitening treatment has a history of more than 20 years and no serious side effects have been reported, but it is recommended to refrain from it during pregnancy and lactation.

How long will the effect last?

The effect of whitening is not permanent and always recoloring. The effect varies from person to person because of the individual’s lifestyle and so on.The effect of whitening is not permanent and always recoloring. The effect varies from person to person because of the individual’s lifestyle and so on.During maintenance, cleaning and additional whitening as needed will be recommended.

Is it painful?

Your teeth maybe sensitive, but if your teeth are healthy, it will calm down quickly.
Even if you feel pain, you could improve it by increasing the whitening interval or applying a fluorine gel.
It will be safe, if you don’t continue whitening when you feel pain.

Is there any damage to my teeth or gums?

It is possible to have a safe whitening experience, even though office whitening uses a high-concentration drug. Because the gums will be covered by protective covering, the drugs does not stick to the gums. The medicines used for home whitening are safe because they are also commonly used for disinfecting the body and oral cavity. However, depending on the condition of the oral cavity, if patient’s gums are inflamed,whitening is not be recommended.




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